When We Create - Helena Rose

For the second episode of When We Create we followed Helen Maalouf, founder of Helena Rose, and the team she formed whilst in London to shoot some fashion photography.

Location - Chalcot Square


We had a great time following Helen for the day as she brings all different aspects of the shoot together. She had to coordinate the team making sure each person was sticking to the very fast paced schedule.

The team achieved many looks throughout just one days shooting. We captured the behind the scenes images for Helen as well as shooting our own documentary as part of our series; When We Create.


We were also able to interview most of the team involved and gain some insight in to each of their individual processes. As well as some information on them as people and the influences on there art.

We were surprised how much thought goes into one image. Coming from a photography background we understand the thought and care to each image but we were surprised by how each different aspect took there time and care into the smallest of details. Nails needed to be perfect, as well as hair, make-up, outfit, poses & more. Understandably as each person is contributing to one finalised piece of art. As Helen puts it; 'it's a real team effort, throughout the whole day'.

On the day we took a 'documentary' approach to filming it. We went handheld for most of the shoot allowing us to get in close to the action when we needed to, as well as the freedom to change lenses fast & keep out the way. One of us stuck to the BTS photography & the other to the videography of the day.


We had a range of lenses we used during the shoot, mainly prime lenses. Our most used on the day were a 14mm to show the scale of the work and show the whole team and location. We also used a 35mm to get tighter shots of each person working on there own section. As well as a few macro shots to show details. 

As always we had a few issues on the shoot. Harsh sunlight was one of them, which cause us to have to shoot from particular angles as well as put the Sony FS700's ND filters to good use - which are effectively sunglasses for our camera.

Sound caused some issues for us. Due to the fast paced nature of the shoot we didn't have time to set up elaborate mic systems so we used the FS700's external mic, which is great but also picks up background noise, such as from the builders in the background. 


Check out the video: